Saturday, January 4, 2014

Balls and Dragons" Reptile Super Show 2014

Not many places where you can see a big banner stating, "Superior Balls and Dragons".  Ball pythons and bearded dragons were some of the most featured reptiles at the largest reptile show in the United States There is still plenty of pacman frogs,  king snakes and after the title critters.   My favorites: the adorable sulcatta tortoises, Eastern indigo snakes (if I had a $1000) and the Living Gems Reptiles rainbow boas (on Facebook & 
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Exotic Animal Care Center of Pasadena was the only veterinary practice represented.   This practice is growing so quickly that they have recently added a third doctor to the staff.  Dr. Stephanie Lamb has recently joined doctors Tiffany Margolin and practice owner Dr. Sari Kanfer.  Way to go Sari!
There are good prices on reptile housing and husband the supplies abound.  The show continues at the Fairplex in Pomona til Sunday January 5th at 5 pm.
I posted this entire blog from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  I even took and edited photos and videos.  They'll be on my Facebook page: Diane McClure DVM
Here's to better success at regular blogging in 2014!
Veterinary Nomad Journal 1.4.14