Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome 2015!

I was so excited to welcome in 2015 with my fellow fans of Pink Martini, Kim Holt and Spring Halland.  We love Pink Martini, but the Walt Disney Concert Hall is a fabulous place to hear them (or any other music.  We caught a glimpse of the Los Angeles Grand Park NYE Celebration and the giant projections onto the iconic City Hall building.  We enjoyed our champagne and tailgate picnic in the warm parking garage (yeah - 70 degrees while outside was closer to freezing). 

Happy 2015!
Pink Martini is such a delight and the special guests are always, well, special.  This performance included the Von Trapps.  Yes, they are the great grands of "those" Von Trapps, as in descendants of the ones in the Sound of Music.  I recommend you check out the Von Trapps and Pink Martini's album  "Dream a Little Dream" which is $8.99 for the MP3 on  If you have Amazon Prime, my favorite track "Storm" streams free.  I get goose bumps thinking about that song.  Ari Shapiro showed up to sing the reply to China Forbes "And then your gone."  China and Ari sang a duet first performed by Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland.  A group of business men from Portland flew to LA to bring their unique Blue Brothers Japanese Portlandia style to the event.  They were hilarious.  Totally hilarious.  No, truly.  Hilarious!

If you have never heard of Pink Martini, it is challenging to explain the music they perform.  Of course I was listening to them while writing this.  Looking at the genres listed in iTunes you can find a single song listed with classical, jazz, Latin and lounge and then another would be classical, African and disco.  I think I finally have a was to explain them to the Pink Martini Newbie.  They a genre-blending multicultural musical integration.  Got it?  No. Well, go listen and see for yourself.