Saturday, September 17, 2011

ROAD FOOD - IE Foodie Truck Event September 17, 2011

Chino Valley is near the WesternU campus and the Chino Valley Foodie Festival was a great way to spend the afternoon following WesternU Preview Day.  My mascot Viggo and I saw the CoolHaus tweet and headed to Don Antonio Lugo High School.  I have meet the folks from the DAL HS at local Junior High Career Days.  DAL HS has a 4H program that promotes interest in animals and potential future veterinarians.  Chino Valley Foodie Festival was a great fundraiser for Chino Valley Unified School District.  A great intersect of education and road food. 

In case you are familiar with Chino, Chino Hills,  or Chino Valley, the IE stands for Inland Empire.  The Suite 106 Cupcakery can also be found at Victoria Gardens in nearby Rancho Cucamonga.Some folks came from as far away as Ventura, following the tweets of @CVFoodieFest, @coolhaus or @getyourlardon, @IE_gourmetfoodtrucks. Better yet follow @truxmap: The world's only up-to-the-tweet food truck tracker!
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