Saturday, September 17, 2011

Travel Tech - Mobile App Flight View

An urban nomad can and should take advantage of the many awesome mobile apps.  Some apps help make your travels go more smoothly while others help you be more productive while on the road.  Some apps may help you find the best stuff on the road so you don't miss out.   This is the first of my Travel Tech blogs:

I monitor my flights with the  Mobile App Flight View.  It's on my smart phone and my iPad.  I can search for my flight by route or by Airline and flight number.  Once I find my flight I can see where the plane is coming from.  This is useful when you have the 10:40 pm flight from SFO to Ontario.  If the equipment (plane) is coming from Eugene, your in pretty good shape.  If the equipment is coming from Chicago and there's a big snow storm in the Midwest, be prepared for a cancelled flight.  Flight View is the same as seen on the flat screen monitors at SFO.  You can also use it to track arriving flights when you are waiting to pick-up a friend at the airport.  When your friend's flight is repeatedly delayed in SFO, you can follow the flight's progress through Flight View and get real time detailed status alerts.  You can even follow the plane on the maps a see your friend's progress in the air.  Pretty cool.