Saturday, September 24, 2011

Urban Nomad in The California Southland

Urban Nomad in The California Southland

Living and driving in Los Angeles means planning for traffic delays and snarls that randomly occur at any hour of the day. This summer has been particularly bad as the freeways are being resurfaced at night. I generally choose to drive evenings to avoid the certainty of rush rush hour traffic. On a recent Sunday night drive from Santa Barbara to LA, two freeways were completely shutdown (The 101 southbound in Ventura and the eastbound 210 in San Dimas).

This week I needed to travel east 34 miles to downtown LA to participate in the Southern California Be Prepared event. I wanted to be at Exhibition Park by 8:30 am. Some advised me to leave by 5:30 am and take a nap at my destination. This is the daily practice by two of my neighbors in San Dimas. I wasn't too keen on early morning napping in area around Exhibition Park (Watts and USC). so I elected to do my waiting in the parking lot of the 60 eastbound starting at 6:30 am. Two hours for 34 miles should be enough time, right?

I arrived at 8:50 am. Two hours and 20 minutes averaging 15 mph.

Veterinary Nomad Journal September 24, 2011

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