Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last WesternU Site Visit Travel for 2011

My original plan had been to drive, but I admit I decided to fly because I wanted one more ticket that had PREMIER printed on it...and it would cost more to drive!  I am ending the year with a great bunch of enthusiastic students in my course.  The weather is bright and clear!  My fellow travelers have donned there gay apparel and are wearing it to the airport.  You gotta love the lady wearing her polyester synthetic red suit with the festive embroidery.  She resembles Bridget Jones' mother.   Her ensemble is adorned with bells in her ears and a jingle bell necklace.   Its topped off with a red hat with black faux fur trim.  You know this outfit has only left the closet during the holidays.   She has just the right jolliness to carry it off.      Flying in clear weather and daylight provided an amazing view of the foothills ringing the Los Angeles basin.  The enormity of the Station Fire destruction was shockingly evident!  Whoa!  It is impossible to perceive how much land was burned in that historic fire until you see it from the air...even two years later.    Safe Holiday Travels from the Veterinary Nomad    Journal Entry Dec. 8, 2011 at Emporio Ralli Gran Caffe at SFO Terminal 3.  Courtesy of free Wi-Fi from American Express.