Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hyatt Regency Denver

Bedside Outlet and Bluetooth iHome
     I enjoy this hotel because there are improvements and even innovations every time I stay here.  During this January stay, I took advantage of the AAA special which was more that a discounted rate.  It included breakfast in the Altitude Restaurant which has a fabulous breakfast buffet and excellent rich strong coffee.  The hotel is certainly marketing savvy and following consumer demand digitally.  I appreciated the additional outlets at the headboard/night stand.  We all like to have out phone near at hand while charging overnight.  Even the clock radio is a Bluetooth speaker.
     There were so many things you can do with a smart key card, tape your smart room key card to the panel in the elevator and you clear security and the elevator knows which floor you need.  Use your room key card for in and out parking lot privileges.   There's no need to validate your parking ticket! You use the same card on your final exit and just drop it into the convenient drop box right next to the parking lot exit kiosk. 
      Every staff member is super friendly.  The make you feel at home.  They are all, well, Disneyfied.