Monday, January 4, 2016

Today was Landing Day


Today was the first "landing day" for 2017.  Being a professor in a distributed model of clinical education means I don't spend time making up lectures.  I help to create experience for my students through partnerships with practicing veterinarians.  My students are placed "in situ" with these partners for a two week session.  Except for exam week every 8 weeks, I get a new set of students every two weeks all year long.  They are in transit on Sunday for a Monday morning start.  I call the start of each session "Landing Day."  Travel issues, hotel issues, and emergency health issues pop up.  I wait for the students or veterinarians to text or call or e-mail.  I have talked students to the entrance of the site on a cell phone.  I have fielded text questions about wardrobe.  I have had a students who were hit by a car as a pedestrian.  Life happens.  It is a totally different set of tasks than your typical professor requiring a close relationship between faculty and students.  You really get to know each other when you travel together.  Yes, everywhere they go I also go...Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Davis, Berkeley, Duarte, Loma Linda, San Diego and Denver.