Saturday, January 9, 2016

Making Teaching Matter...

       Most people have heard "publish or perish."  Professors are expected to publish research as a primary function and time spent on teaching only takes away time from research efforts.  Teaching is something a professor just does.  In one of my previous institutions, teaching is not even considered in promotion and tenure evaluations.   The Regional Teaching Academy which is a consortium of UC Davis, Western University of Health Sciences,  Colorado State University, Oregon State University and Washington State University veterinary educators with the goal of making teaching matter.
        Being a good teacher requires effort effort, skill and knowledge.  Recognizing the scholarly effort involved in developing better keep teaching methods and materials is the first step in matter teaching matter.  This past weekend about 30 faculty members from the five veterinary schools have been working diligently toward this goal.  I'm very proud and inspired to be part of this group of medical educators.  I'm encouraged that teaching may finally get the  recognition that it truly deserves.